Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blast from the past...

Nearctic Gulls

Laughing Gulls

The footage bellow shows four individuals (two adult winters and two first-winters) filmed at Porth Low in November 2005. Their occurrence was a result of hurricane Wilma that brought a record influx of Laughing Gulls into the UK [c. 60, plus 6 Franklin’s Gull’s]. These birds constitute the fifth record [8 birds] for Scilly.

Franklin’s Gull

Surprisingly, this first-winter bird from March 2004 represents the first record of Franklin’s Gull for Scilly. It was found on the scrape at Lower Moors on the 11th during a period of gale force south-easterly winds, gusting up to 70 mph. The following day, it moved to Old Town Bay where the footage below was taken. It was not seen again until it was relocated at Radipole Lake, Dorset on the 16th!

Bonaparte’s Gull

This first-winter Bonaparte’s Gull is only the second to be recorded in Scilly. It was found in Porthcressa Bay on December 7th 2006, and was usually be found at Porth Low at high tide (where filmed). It stayed until mid-February 2007.