Sunday, 26 June 2011

Blog stagnation...

Project update

As you may have noticed, there's been very little activity on our blog of late. This is entirely due to work on our forthcoming Multimedia ID Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds: Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel. We are very much in the final stages of the project and anticipate that the manuscript will be with the printers early next week (typically a 4-5 week turnaround).

To add a little more detail - the book is over 200 pages long  and contains a wealth of original and in-depth ID material, has over 130 colour photographs (majority previously unpublished), over 40 stunning illustrations by Ian Lewington, large format, full-colour range maps (based on the latest research) and, most importantly, 2 DVDs, each with over 60 minutes of footage and informative narration.

The species covered are: White-faced Storm-petrel, Wilson's Storm-petrel, European Storm-petrel, Black-bellied Storm-petrel, 'white-bellied' storm-petrels, Band-rumped Storm-petrel, Leach's Storm-petrel, Swinhoe's Storm-petrel, Matsudaira's Storm-petrel and Bulwer's Petrel.

We will, of course, provide more detailed information (including sample pages from the book and clips from both DVDs) nearer publication, when we will also reveal endorsements for the guide written by (in alphabetical order) -

Steve N. G. Howell (Author & Senior Field Leader, WINGS Birdwatching Tours Worldwide)

Killian Mullarney (Artist, author of the Collins Bird Guide)

Magnus Robb (Author, Petrels Night and Day)

Hadoram Shirihai (Tubenoses Project & Extreme Gadfly Petrel Expeditions)