Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pelagic 27/06/11

Six miles south of St Mary's...

Last evenings pelagic was fairly quiet (largely due to 2 French trawlers attracting all the birds), though we did eventually see a single Wilson's Storm-petrel.

When this Wilson's appeared, the light for photography was rather poor 
This 3rd-cal. yr Northen Gannet was one of several that came in close to inspect the chum
Atlantic Northern Fulmars always show well
Will we ever see a Pacific Northern Fulmar on one of our pelagic trips? It's on our radar
A Blue Shark poses for the camera - that's Joe's underwater camera at the end of the pole, left
This is the same shark as pictured above. It has been tagged (below dorsal fin) and is about to be released. Thanks to the efforts of Paul Whittaker (above) and MV Sapphire skipper Joe Pender, over 200 Blue Sharks have been tagged in Scilly