Friday, 1 July 2011

Pelagic 30/06/11

Six miles south of St Mary's...

Another quiet pelagic trip (no doubt due to 4 trawlers in the vicinity) - birding highlights were two Sooty Shearwaters, 10+ European Storm-petrels and a single Bonxie.

Two Blue Sharks were tagged and released, one of which, took a liking to a participants pair of jeans by adding a series of 'designer' holes...

MV Sapphire skipper Joe Pender deploys his underwater camera. It might look like a 'Heath Robinson' type of contraption, but it certainly produces fine images (see below)
Positioning the camera just prior to the shark coming inboard produces the best results
Look at this stunning image of a Blue Shark! It was taken using the above technique on the 27/06/11 by Joe Pender. We might all take the mickey out of Joe's propensity for gadgets, but it can pay dividends, as here