Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Birder Special Pelagic Weekend 13th-14th August

Images from the weekend...

Balearic Shearwater -  typically for this species, it performed well in the wake.
Photo by Phil Woollen 

Sabine's Gull by Phil Woollen

This PZ trawler proved to be a magnate for seabirds, attracting among
others, Great and Sooty Shearwaters. Photo by Phil Woollen
Sooty Shearwater by Phil Woollen
Great Shearwater - this bird showed very well. Photo by Phil Woollen

The above footage (taken with a tiny digi-camera) is a of a 150 lb Blue Shark - the heaviest caught off Scilly for over a decade. It wasn't particularly long (just over 8 ft) but it was very chunky with an impressive girth. It proved to be very aggressive, locking its powerful jaws into one of the wooden seat tops.

On our way back to the quay, we encountered a large pod of Common Dolphin, many of which had fun riding the bow waves created by the hull of the MV Sapphires.