Monday, 10 December 2012

Dusky Warbler...

I was fortunate to bump into a Dusky warbler today while walking along the nature trail at Lower Moors. At about 1530 hrs, I thought I heard the distinctive 'tac' of a Dusky Warbler, but it was distant and there was so much noise emanating from the airfield, that I almost gave up! Having found at least 7 of these before, it was only the hope of sound recording it that bolstered my determination to relocate it (not really, but that's what it felt like!).

After what seemed like an eternity, it started calling again and eventually gave views down to a few feet. Unfortunately, I only managed to acquire some record video footage as I was fumbling around with my sound recording gear at the time!

Almost an hour later, the airfield quietened down and the Dusky just wouldn't stop calling!