Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Rose-breasted Grosbeak!...

At about 1230 hrs, I received the following text from my landlady, Karen Johnson - Unusual bird alert.... Looks like a sparrow but larger. Speckled breast with white stripes over head and orange patches around throat????? I have photos - this sounded very interesting indeed, i.e. like a Rose-breasted Grosbeak! But I needed to see those pictures! Maybe I'm getting old but I detest these smart phones and being the proud owner of a Nokia 3310, I wasn't going to see them anytime soon! Eventually, Karen sent the best image to a work colleague. Below is the image that popped up!!!

Photo by Karen Johnson from iPhone
Obviously, I raced home but the bird had gone missing. About an hour later, it returned briefly, and I managed to get some record video footage (below).