Monday, 14 November 2011

Bermuda 13/11/11

by Bob Flood

General birding is pretty good in Bermuda. Haven't ventured far, but highlights so far include: Black and white warbler, Ovenbird, Northern Parula, Northern Waterthrush, White-eyed Vireo, Belted Kingfishes, Eastern Bluebird, Great Kiskadee, Green Heron, Cedar Waxwing etc. Champing at the bit to get out to sea for the Cahow!

With the sea state still not suitable for pelagic trips, on Sunday I went to Cooper's Point with David Wingate, Andrew Dobson et al. David is the saviour of the Cahow,pulling them back from the brink of extinction and dedicating his whole life to their preservation. Andrew is author of A Birdwatcher's Guide to Bermuda (which I have found very useful). We saw 5 Cahows wheeling around in the wind north of Cooper's Point. Today, Monday 14th November, we are all set to go to sea. Fingers and everything else crossed!