Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bermuda 16/11/11

by Bob Flood

Superb day and evening on Nonsuch at the Bermuda Petrel colonies. Jeremy Madeiros, the Conservation Officer, is a really nice bloke and was very helpful. Jeremy masterminded the translocation program to Nonsuch from tiny islands in nearby Castle Harbour, islands that are rapidly being destroyed by hurricanes. This plan probably has saved the species. We spent 4 hours checking out 9 burrows. Birds were in 7 burrows, including pairs in 3 of them. I am sure you will understand how spine-chillingly awesome it was to see, film, and handle this critically endangered Pterodroma. Then we did a night watch, with plenty of light we could see up to 5 at a time flying around us. We were sat near the colony and the birds often flew past at head height calling. Even more mind blowing.