Friday, 18 November 2011

Bermuda 17/11/11

by Bob Flood

Stefan (the skipper) and I, with chum and fish oil, departed Grotto Bay jetty at 2 pm. We headed to a location recommended by David Wingate and set a position so that we would drift toward Nonsuch Island as the evening progressed – being nearby at dusk when the Cahows go in to the colonies. The breeze picked up to SSW 18 knots. At 3.30 pm a Cahow flew around the boat for about 45 seconds - lovely. At 4.15 we had a star performance - a Cahow approached from ways downwind, lured in by the chum, and then flew around the boat for at least 2 minutes. About 4.45 pm we had another Cahow around the boat, and a fourth about 10 minutes later. At dusk we headed in at putt-putt speed, and several more Cahows flew near the boat, on their way to the breeding islands. I might post some video of Cahow, if I get some more next week. I want to keep tonight's footage for the Pterodroma Multimedia ID Guide. We also saw Cory's Shearwater tonight, which actually looked good for Scopoli's. Thanks to Triangle Diving and Stefan, recommended by me for pelagic trips out of Bermuda.